Social Community and Group Activities

Assistance with Social Community and Group Activities

By Participating in community based activities improves well-being because it allows you to feel connected to other people and the larger community. This Ability team of support workers will assist the participants and their families to ensure that participants have an active participation in the society. We make sure that we involve participant in the decisions that affect them.

Some of the benefits of these activities that develop skills, showcase hidden talents, and ability to actively participate in the community are:

  • Engage in new cultures and communities
  • stronger connections to their local community
  • Improved skills-based learning, recreation, and social activities
  • Participating in community activities increase their positive roles

Community Support

Your Ability Care team will partner with you to achieve their goals to live with supported independence. we also help you to maintain your personal and social wellbeing, and keep you in control of what you want and need.

we can coordinate a range of services that take into account their needs for physical and psychological wellbeing, community belonging, and connectedness.

  • Assist you to attend community events
  • Support you to access recreational activities such as a concert or gallery
  • Enable you to attend appointments
  • Support you access other programs (swimming club, sports, or another disability service provider)
  • Assist you with shopping/banking etc.
  • Get out and about. Take part in your community, enjoy activities and experience new things either on your own, in a small group, or at a centre or hub.

Our experienced and reliable team of support workers are here for you!

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