Development Life Skills

Assistance with Development in Life Skills

This Ability Care assists people with impairments in dealing with day-to-day issues while also teaching them vital life skills. We match all NDIS skill worker criteria. We monitor our participants and support them with these issues, whether they are at home or in public. This assistance enables them to live more freely and confidently!

Individualised Disability Assistance Workforce Development

Support under the NDIS category of enhanced daily living may take the form of:

  • Assisting participants in maintaining personal hygiene, such as washing their hands and cleaning their teeth.
  • Educating participants on nutrition essentials by assisting them with food shopping and meal preparation.
  • Assisting participants in keeping their surroundings clean by cleaning up and completing everyday activities
  • Instruct participants on how to advocate for themselves and their well-being through communication with service providers and support networks.
  • Teaching them on managing their funds and expenses
  • Helping them with employment prospects
  • Providing participants with confidence in their travel by teaching them how to plan excursions and use various modes of public transportation.

Community Support

It needs patience and compassion to assist people with impairments in navigating these hurdles. Both may be expected from our support staff at This Ability Care. We treat all of our participants with dignity and respect so that they can live their independent lives.

Every one of our participants is directly paired with the care assistant we feel is the perfect match for their needs and goals. We are result oriented, doing all in our power to help our participants to achieve the lifestyle they desire. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients’ confident smiles after they have conquered their hurdles.

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