NDIS Group Activities

NDIS Group Activities

The NDIS may give assistance to enable you to participate in group activities, whether in the community or in a facility.

Why these group activities are so helpful?

Group activities can be beneficial to you because they:

  • Allow you to form meaningful relationships with other people from your community
  • increases feelings of independence
  • aid in the development of skills and confidence
  • lowers the cost of support because support providers are shared among multiple participants

What may be supported by the NDIS?

The NDIS’ finance assistance linked with group activities may include:

  • assistance in gaining entry to the community and increasing social participation
  • Travel with a support provided as part of community-based activities funded by the NDIS (aka activity-based transport)
  • The expenses of disability-specific activities

Group activities and mental health

How does the NDIS provide funding for group activities?

  • Group activities that support your community involvement can be claimed from your planned or set budget.
  • If a group activity is intended to improve your skills and independence, it may be claimed from your set NDIS budget.
  • The cost of assistance will be distributed among all Participants and will be determined by the ratio of support employees to participants.

What kinds of group activities are there?

camps, crafts and arts, cookery lessons, dance, singing lessons, horseback riding as a sport, Day outings to the bowling alley, drama clubs, board games or video games, movie outings, Swimming lessons or leisure , swimming, combat sports, Yoga music classes etc

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