Benefits of NDIS Community Nursing Care Service

Benefits of NDIS Community Nursing Care Service

July 6th, 2023

Through disability assistance programmes such as the NDIS, people with impairments may live a life of their choice and become active members of society. The NDIS-funded support and services are critical in providing the care and assistance that differently-abled persons require to become more independent and accomplish their objectives.

In many cases, persons with severe impairments require the supervision of qualified specialists such as registered nurses or trained disability support workers to manage disability-related health concerns.

Community Nursing Care is one example of an NDIS-funded disability-related health assistance.

Community Care Service

Participants may be eligible for NDIS Community Nursing Care services if their disability-related health support chores can only be completed by a registered nurse or a suitably trained support worker. Such responsibilities include dysphagia support, continence support, podiatrist support, stool care, seizure management, and wound and pressure care support. Access to professional care will lessen the burden of impairment on a participant’s everyday life and greatly increase their functional capability.

The NDIS Service Provider in Adelaide will cover Community Nursing Care services provided they fit the NDIS funding requirements and are deemed’ reasonable and essential’ for the participant. This Ability Care  are licenced NDIS service providers in Adelaide who can link participants with experienced experts who provide community nursing care services.

This Ability Care feels that it is critical to give expert care to participants in order to ensure the highest disability care practice standards. Our expertise will ensure the participants’ safety, comfort, and well-being. We ensure that you are making steady progress towards your NDIS goals through personalised care plans. Contact us immediately and we can assist you in obtaining Community Nursing Care services.



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